Building Your Dream


To fill a company with great ideas you need great people. But great people do more. They generate a momentum that not only drives the growth of the company but creates the core DNA that becomes the companies imprint or identity which carries it forward.

A team of smart and accomplished stars will contribute more to a company's success than any other factor.

What We Do

Quite simply, we build value with talent. By being selective and partnering with only top tier clients/opportunities, we facilitate the integration of great ideas and great people to build a great company. We are highly acclaimed as an industry leader in the technology recruiting field for having built some of the greatest companies in the last two decades. This has afforded us the unique opportunity to be at the very beginning with many of the founders of what are now highly successful ventures.


How We Can Help

The best talent is always in high demand, hard to find and most critical to a company’s success. In today's environment of data rich - highly connected - social networked  economy it would seem that finding and hiring top talent - industry super stars - would be a simple task.

Unfortunately this is not the case. There will be no lines at your doors while you are in the building stage. The serial entrepreneur knows the difference between the builders of successful companies and those who come later to work at already successful companies. Both are necessary but they carry two recognizably distinct skill sets.


Getting Started

We are full cycle recruiters, a one-stop-shop and can become your default executive search firm,  technical recruiting firm, dedicated contract recruiter, search consultant and headhunter.

Greatpeople builds entire companies so we cover core engineering, product management, marketing, sales, Infrastructure and IT teams for emerging and growth companies.

Our track record speaks for itself and it affords us the network necessary to access the individuals you will need to scale your company.

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