Greatpeople is a leading provider of retained and project based executive search for start up and high growth companies.

You could describe us as analytical curious entrepreneurs, passionate about business and technology with a keen sense of strategy. Most of the last 20 years have been spent on the inside of fast moving technology start ups, working closely with the founders and executive teams in the capacity of trusted consultant and adviser.

We thoroughly enjoy what we do. It is definitely hard work, full of twists and turns and very serious business with a lot at stake for many people. There is always some risk but the rewards are most gratifying because they result in the ultimate success of the venture, the people, and the long term industry impact.


Value of Talent

Since it is a widely agreed upon/ accepted fact that a company's people represent over 80 percent of a company's actual value our objective is to minimize risk and enhance the potential for success by identifying, sourcing, hiring and retaining top performing talent within a company's given domain. Our passion is in building cohesive high-powered teams who consequently go on to positively impact a company in a significant and noteworthy way and in the process add tangible value shaping thoughts and concepts into highly successful products and services.


Relationships Secure Success


We also selectively invest and act as an internal consultant in many of the companies we work with and so our objectives remain transparent and well aligned with the companies we represent.

We are selective in that we only take an assignment if..

1) There is mutual alignment with existing management team on goals and objectives

2) The venture has sufficient merit and business model to warrant a successful outcome

Our objective is to bring people into a company who will increase the long-term value of an already valuable opportunity and work hard to reduce the risk of not succeeding, which every company faces.







Be kind, for everyone you           meet  is fighting a hard battle.